Portable Supervision Tool

BI Drive-BI® is a portable, handheld receiver that detects the presence of clients wearing BI HomeGuard® or BI TAD® transmitters from several hundred feet away. It enables officers to conveniently monitor clients from outside a home, work, school, or any location.

BI Drive-BI - Convenient Monitoring Options

Convenient Monitoring Options

With Drive-BI, officers can discreetly verify compliance with schedule requirements and sentence restrictions—without disrupting an individual at locations in the community, including their place of employment or a scheduled appointment.

Easily Stores Messages And Data

The Drive-BI stores up to 250 messages which includes the transmitter type, identification number, battery status, and tamper status. The unit also stores the date and time that the transmitter messages are received.

BI Drive-BI - Reliable Battery

Reliable Battery

The internal, rechargeable battery provides up to eight hours of continuous operation. If the battery dies, all information and settings are retained to the device's non-volatile memory. The Drive-BI battery can be recharged or operated by using a 120V external power supply or a 12V cigarette lighter adapter. Messages recorded by the system can be transferred to a client’s record at the end of the day.

Easy To Use

With its easy-to-read, backlit display, portable and car-mount antennas, and seamless transfer of data from the device to a PC or laptop, the Drive-BI is a simple way to enhance offender supervision.

Bi Drive-BI - Easy to Use
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