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BI HomeGuard® is a radio frequency monitoring system that verifies the presence or absence of a client at a specific location, usually the home. With two models available, HomeGuard 200 for landline phones and HomeGuard 206 for cellular, it is ideal for curfew monitoring. As the gold standard for radio frequency electronic monitoring, HomeGuard has been selected over and over by correctional agencies nationwide due to its tamper-resistant features, durable receiver and transmitters, cost-effectiveness, and reception-reliability features.

Customizable Curfew Monitoring

HomeGuard allows supervising officers to know, with certainty, the absence or presence of an individual at his or her residence. As a result, curfews are maintained or additional sanctions can be delivered swiftly. Configurable options allow agencies to match the monitoring rules to the risk level of the client.

Flexible & Reliable RF Monitoring

BI designed HomeGuard with the flexibility to meet a variety of curfew monitoring requirements. In addition to variable range settings, HomeGuard also offers a variable leave window, unlimited schedules, and customized reporting. Plus, HomeGuard gives officers flexibility to configure the system to match each offender’s situation.

BI HomeGuard Offender Monitoring System
BI HomeGuard- Radio Frequency System

No Home Phone Required

The HomeGuard 206 receiver has an embedded cellular unit, so a traditional landline is no longer necessary. Installation is easy as there is no extra equipment needed to enable cellular communication. HomeGuard 206 provides officers with a reliable tool to monitor an increasing client population - individuals without home phones.

Paired Capabilities

HomeGuard can easily be paired with other BI technologies including BI Sobrietor®, or BI Drive-BI® for additional monitoring capabilities.

HomeGuard - Remote Alcohol Monitoring Tamper-resistant
BI TotalAccess - Offender Monitoring Software

24x7 Access to Real-Time Monitoring

The HomeGuard 206 system includes BI TotalAccess®, an easy-to-use, web-based application that gives agency staff the ability to access and manage information for all enrolled participants. At any time, supervising officers can update participant schedules, profiles, violation and equipment status, and other data.

Backed By the Best

BI Monitoring Operations call center serves agencies nationwide. Our highly experienced and talented team of technical and support specialists are available 24x7. Agencies may customize monitoring service levels to best meet their unique needs.

Electronic Monitoring Operators 24 hour 7 days week 365 days a year
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