BI LOC8- Continuous GPS monitoring system - ankle bracelet

The Next Generation of GPS Offender Tracking

BI LOC8® is one of the most advanced GPS electronic monitoring systems available today. The curved ankle-bracelet design is discreet and fits comfortably around the ankle. LOC8’s simple-to-swap battery system ensures no interruption in service, and our revolutionary multiple location technology provides dependable offender tracking. If you are looking for an innovative, practical, and reliable GPS monitoring solution, look no further than LOC8.

Removable Battery and Rapid Recharge

LOC8’s unique, cordless battery charging capability ensures quicker, convenient recharge times, and the reliability of continuous monitoring. The supervised individual simply replaces the empty battery with a second, fully charged battery pack, and recharges the depleted battery in an external charger. The battery is swapped in seconds, providing 24-hour monitoring with minimal disruption to the individual wearing the ankle-bracelet.

BI LOC8– Continuous GPS tracking system - removable battery

Supports LTE Technology

With GSM and CDMA network technology becoming obsolete in the next few years, LOC8 is equipped with Long-Term Evolution (LTE) technology to meet agencies’ future network needs. This technology improves data capacity and transfer speed, provides an extended battery life, and increases network longevity with a minimum of 10 years of network availability.

Multiple Location Technologies

BI LOC8 utilizes various technologies including Autonomous GPS, Assisted GPS and CellLocate allowing officers to accurately pinpoint an individual’s location in near real-time. In densely populated urban locations or where GPS is impaired LOC8’s intuitive Wi-Fi detection ability takes over to precisely identify a location. LOC8 scans for surrounding Wi-Fi Access Points (AP), submits a list of Access Points with their signal strengths to the host, and the resulting latitude and longitude map coordinates help officers reliably pinpoint an individual’s location.


Robust Tamper Detection

LOC8’s dependable tamper detection technologies promptly alert officers if the equipment is manipulated or damaged. LOC8 is the only product on the market impervious to GPS jamming. It not only records and reports any GPS jamming events, but continues to record location points during the event. When the transmitter is no longer installed on the offender’s leg, a ‘Proximity Tamper’ event is sent to the host system alerting officers of the incident. A ‘Strap Tamper’ message goes out to the central monitoring computer alerting officers, if the strap’s fiber-optic circuitry is interrupted due to strap cutting or removal.

Beacon Option

Agencies can pair LOC8 with our compact Beacon, an encrypted RF link in an offender’s home. When LOC8 enters the beacon range, the RF link activates and the LOC8 tracking unit enters a lower power state. When LOC8 no longer detects the Beacon, it immediately returns to GPS acquisition. The Beacon also serves as the LOC8 battery charger and can recharge a LOC8 external battery within two hours.

BI LOC8 Beacon – Radio Frequency monitoring option
BI LOC8 – GPS electronic monitoring ankle bracelet

Curved, Ankle Bracelet Design

LOC8 is a low-profile, form-fitting device. The strap is easily adjustable to fit any individual, and is field replaceable which simplifies agencies’ inventory management.

Intuitive Monitoring Software

BI TotalAccess® electronic monitoring software is secure, robust, and easy to use. Officers can quickly and efficiently view their caseload, set schedules, create zones, customize alert notification and escalation procedures, and close alerts. TotalAccess provides 2-D and 3-D views of client movements through Google Maps. Plus, Pursuit Mode, an intensive supervision monitoring feature, enables agencies to increase GPS collection rates on certain GPS monitored offenders.

BI Monitoring Operations – Agency Caseload and Monitoring support

Backed By the Best

The BI Monitoring Operations call center serves agencies nationwide. Our highly experienced and talented team of technical and support specialists are available 24x7. Agencies may customize monitoring service levels to best meet their unique needs.

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