The Future of Mobile Alcohol Monitoring

BI SL3™ is the next-generation in mobile alcohol detection, and the first handheld breathalyzer with LTE capability. With GSM and CDMA network technology becoming obsolete in the next few years, BI developed the SL3 breathalyzer to meet customers’ future network needs.


Supports LTE Technology

The SL3’s LTE-Cat1M modem saves on power consumption. It also provides extended in-building range boosting device effectiveness, and minimizing service interruption.

Durability and Reliability for Mobile Monitoring

The SL3 breathalyzer includes a reinforced exterior casing and a silicone sleeve to help protect the device from damage. The SL3’s enhanced internal security, tamper evident materials, and large fuel cell ensure the breathalyzer’s accuracy and longer shelf life.


Portable, Precise, and Easy to Use

The SL3 alcohol testing device is pocket-sized and light at just over eight ounces, allowing clients to submit BrAC tests from work, gym, or anywhere discreetly. Simply turn it on, insert the mouthpiece, and follow the easy directions on the backlit LCD screen, for one-touch testing.

Adaptive Facial Recognition® Ensures Tester Identity

With each breath alcohol test, the SL3’s embedded high-resolution camera takes a photo and uses facial recognition software to confirm tester identity. The breathalyzer spatially analyzes and compares each photo to the client’s template of stored images.

BI SL3 Adaptive Facial Recognition, Alcohol Tester
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